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Working with Engage has brought valuable clarity to our business and our pitch.
— Bill Kinneary, CEO Powervine

The Challenge

If you are trying to sell something you must connect with your prospects.  The problem is that you know too much. 

Creating a connection will allow you to grow, increase sales, inspire investors or gain approval for a project.

We help you connect.  We use a story framework that has been honed over centuries to frame your marketng strategy and marketing messages.  We use a story framework because stories connect and if you use a storytelling framework your audience falls in love with what your are selling.  

This is a much more effective way to inspire, engage and convince than boring people to death, or confusing them beyond all hope, which is the normal way we try to connect.  

If you are trying to engage anybody, anywhere, please download our template to avoid hours of useless marketing toil and inspire your audience easily.  


People have shorter attention spans than goldfish

Learn how to get them to dedicate their attention to your brand. 

There are three steps to what we do: 


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Yourself and your goals.
The "brand" part.  

We help you define your
brand so that you stand out.

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An engaging story. 
The "story" part. 

We help you craft a story that engages your audience.



Your marketing and messaging.
The results part... 

We help you design a marketing strategy that works. 

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The clarity you get from this process changes everything, it just makes things easy.  I loved it.

- Sandy Wollman, Partner, Westchester Angels

What we Deliver


Our focus is on helping your bring clarity to your messaging, your communications and your marketing.  

We use the power of story telling to create intuitive messaging that connects with people and inspires them to action. 

We bring an outside perspective reflect back what we here and guide you through creating a marketing strategy that delivers.