Clarity Inspires Action

Most people running a business or selling product are wasting their time.

They talk about who they are.

They talk about what they do.

They bore their audience and make selling harder.

There is a better way. 

Our unique model guides you to create messaging and content that engages your audience so that you can do much more for less money, time and effort. 

Clarity is just easier, better and more effective. 

Working with Engage was a great experience that has helped us align our messaging, streamline our communications and connect with our prospects.
— Carvie Gillikin, COO Fourth Wall Events

Invest a Day To Clarify Your Message, Connect With Your Audience and Inspire Action

The EngageStory workshop is a full day experience - you learn to define your brand, set your company apart, engage your market, and build a foundation for marketing and communications. 

Work with us and a group of like minded peers to define your marketing voice, get feedback and refine your messaging. 

You will leave with language and a story that connects that you can use right away in any environment. 

Gain a powerful voice and rise above the din. 


And are working on: 

  • Growing sales

  • Tired of spending too much time on marketing

  • Raising money

  • Defining your place in the market

  • Building your brand

Join us if you are a: 

  • Entrepreneur

  • Freelancer

  • Business owner

  • Consultant

  • Marketing Manager



“The Engage workshop accomplishes in one day what would have taken us months. I highly recommend this investment in your business.”
— Darcy Ann Flanders President, Baseline Group NY
The content is valuable, presentation excellent and the room atmosphere that Engage creates is professional, welcoming and highly interactive.
— Bob Kotch, CEO SIM Associates

Why Engagement Is So Important

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People exist in their own worlds with their own needs and concerns.  They don't understand your world at all.  

And, they are not interested in your world.  

They want to solve their problem.  

Even if you have a great product or service that helps, they won't buy unless they understand how it makes their life better. 

So start by clarifying that you solve a problem they care about.  

This connects your world and their world, so that they fall in love with what your are selling before you have a sales conversation.    

Most of us have been taught that we need to impress our prospects with our credentials, our capabilities and how we work.  But clarifying the problem you solve and creating a connection with your market is many times more effective.    

We help you unlearn the ineffective and embrace the clarity that drives results.  

Download our guide to get started today or register for a workshop now, to create your powerful voice in the marketplace. 

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The clarity you get from this process changes everything, it just makes things easy. I loved it.

- Sandy Wollman, Partner, Westchester Angels