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If you are interested in learning more but are not ready for the workshop then download our free model and template. Also consider attending our webinar.

Start with the model - this will give you a chance to begin the journey and hone your sales and marketing content today.


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If you would like to work through our workshop at your own pace and with our support then try the online course. The online workshop goes through the same content as our in person course. It includes the 12 week follow up coaching and workbook.

If later you decide to join us in person we apply 90% of what you pay for the online course to the in person workshop. And we back everything with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.


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Once a month we bring a group of people together to reimagine their sales and marketing, hone their story and learn to connect with their market. This is one full day of defining your brand, your EngageStory and the messaging that will attract customers to you. It is amazing what we can accomplish in a day!