The EngageStory Workshop

Give us one day. We will give you a proven method to growing your business.

The Engage workshop accomplishes in one day what would have taken us months. The content was useful, the delivery was engaging and we now have a roadmap to follow to create our sales funnel. I highly recommend this investment in your business.
— Darcy Ann Flanders, President, Baseline Group NY, New York City

What Is EngageStory?

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In the EngageStory workshop we use elements from storytelling – the most engaging communication technique humans have ever devised – to craft your brand, your marketing and sales strategy. This allows you to communicate clearly to your prospects what problems you can solve for them.

Successful businesses grow because they are consistent: in the quality of their services and how they communicate with their prospects and clients. Your EngageStory is the core of your growth strategy. It informs your marketing and sales tactics (not the other way around): from your e-blast campaigns to your website and your business development initiatives.

Your EngageStory gives you the consistency you need to grow your revenue.


Next Workshop in Midtown Manhattan

December 13, 2018


You will walk away with:

  • Knowing how to define your brand and your EngageStory.

  • Understanding how to align your sales & business development team around a shared value proposition.

  • Understanding how to create messaging that attracts and grow a sustainable pipeline.

  • Learning how to engage your prospects (instead of repelling them) and close more sales.

  • Understanding why previous sales efforts did not work out.

What’s included?

  • A full-day workshop with 5-10 fellow business owners.

  • Work through your roadblocks with immediate feedback from Marty and Jeff.

  • Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day.

  • Our workbook to help you continue your EngageStory approach.

  • 12 weeks of follow up including 3 hours of personal coaching by Marty and Jeff.

  • Membership of our exclusive business owners group.