Introducing a breakthrough in getting the sales you want:

The Engage Network


We have created a networking group for those who are deeply committed to growing their business together with other people in an effective, efficient way.

Introducing the Engage Network: 

a structured networking group. 

Instead of spending lots of time listening to 30 second pitches which are often five minutes long and impossible to remember – we will practice and learn the real problem we solve and for whom, making everybody more memorable, referrals easier and the whole process less annoying, more productive and enjoyable. 

We will learn how to network, discuss real growth challenges and support each other in growing and transforming our businesses. 

The Engage Network is built on Engage’s marketing research and IP to enhance our joint marketing efforts. 

  • We KNOW that people can’t remember what others do. 
  • We KNOW they won’t do the work to learn it. 
  • But we also KNOW that they remember problems we solve.

So, we will focus on the problems we solve and design stories that engage each other and our markets. 

Here is what you get: 

  • Everybody in the group must know their EngageStory, so included in membership is attendance in a EngageStory workshop – that alone is worth $950.
  • In addition, we will have a private online community of support for ongoing dialog engagement and referrals – a subscription service worth $564 a year.
  • We will have monthly meetings in Midtown – worth $1,200 a year.
  • And occasional events and other opportunities to meet among ourselves, prospects and contacts.  

All of this for just $1,200 for the year. 

AND if you have already completed the EngageStory workshop you get 6 months completely free! 

Join us for a free informational meeting on Tuesday, July 10; 8.30 AM – 9.30 AM in Midtown.


Lets reinvent marketing and grow our businesses together!