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The Challenge

We see the same thing over and over, marketing messages that strive to communicate everything and as a result end up confusing everybody.  At the heart of this challenge is a clash between our desire to communicate what we do and the way our potential customers look for solutions. 

To engage customers you must communicate the way people listen: through telling a story. 

The Solution

The most successful brands know how to use stories to communicate, you can as well.  It isn't even that hard.  

BrandStories are a straightforward way of communicating what you do in a way that connects with your audience, your market and your potential customers.  Stories engage rather than inform your market. 

You will be able to use your brand story to reimagine your website and marketing materials to engage potential customers and sell more.  

The Opportunity

Join us and you will receive: 

  • A workshop that will hone your brand story with immediate market feedback. 
  • A workbook to use as a guide after the workshop. 
  • Two hours of one on one follow up consulting. 
  • A free lunch, well included anyway.

Most importantly you will gain a new understanding of marketing and a plan that will help you find more clients.  

The clarity you get from this process changes everything, it just makes things easy.  I loved it.

- Sandy Wollman, Partner, Westchester Angels

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