Next Workshop in Manhattan: October 16 

“The Engage workshop accomplishes in one day what would have taken us months. The content was useful, the delivery was engaging and we now have a roadmap to follow to create our marketing funnel. I highly recommend this investment in your business.”
— Darcy Ann FlandersPresident, Baseline Group NY

The Challenge

We see the same thing over and over, marketing effort that misses the mark, it confuses or tries to be all things to all people or ends up being marketing for followers rather than marketing for sales.

At the heart of this challenge is a clash between our desire to communicate what we do and how people listen.  

Your audience isn't listening with the logical part of their brain, they are listening to be engaged they are listening to hear something that is relevant to them. 

Most sales and marketing communication challenges, annoys and confused.

And a confused mind, doesn’t buy.

So engage your audience… stop confusing them

We help you use the power of story to create messaging that connects with your audience, it draws them to you and makes sales…easy.

We help you do that through creating your EngageStory - this is a revolutionary way to communicate with your market. It is a story about your customer, about how you make their life easier and how they become a hero through working with you.

Once you have defined your EngageStory it becomes the backbone of your marketing strategy. It enables you to engage your customers with ease attracting them to you, selling naturally and making your business work.  

What others say: 

“The Engage team got me excited about revisiting my business, they gave me clarity and valuable knowledge to progress and grow as an entrepreneur.”
— Corrine (Statia) Thomas, Absolute Events By Corrine Ltd

The Opportunity

Join us and you will receive: 


  • A workshop that will hone your EngageStory with immediate market feedback.

  • A workbook to use as a guide after the workshop.

  • *NEW: 12 weeks of follow up coaching and lessons to ensure that you are on the right track.

  • A free lunch, well included anyway.

Most importantly you will gain a new understanding of marketing and a plan that will help you find more clients.  

“Oh, man. This is awesome.”

— Joe rojas,Founder, President, Red Sapiens

Register Here

Note: we have changed our program to include 12 weeks of coaching, we will be putting our prices up January 1 to reflect this. But if you want to be one of the first to go through our program, you can register at the same low price as the stand alone workshop, through the end of the year.

EngageStory Marketing Workshop

October 16, 2018
9:00AM to 5:00PM
205 E42nd St, 20th Floor, New York, NY

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