Common Brand and Marketing Misconcpetions

  • To sell more communicate more, we'll show you how this doesn't work and give you a structure that does.
  • To sell what you do, you have to talk about what you do. This is a terrible strategy, we'll give you an alternative.
  • If you give them enough detail, they will figure out why this works for them. They won't and we'll help you reframe your commmunications.
Marketing doesn’t have to be so hard or so time-consuming.  There is a better way - no tricks, no gimmicks, just good strategy and an authentic market connection.  
— Jeff Loehr

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The Challenge

If you are trying to sell something you must connect with your prospects.  The problem is that you know too much.  You have too much detail, you are able to talk in great depth about what you do.

The three mistakes you make in selling your service or product are: 

  1. You explain your product.
  2. You explain what you do. 
  3. You talk about past successes. 

These don't work because People Don't Listen For Detail Or Reason.

All People listen with a primitive part of the brain thatprotects us from thinking too much. This Reptilian brain acts as a filter and decides what should get passed on to the thinking brain.  

You Must Appeal to The Reptilian Brain


This means that you need to talk less about what you do and less about why it is good and right. 

Instead you need to ENGAGE your prospects, and connect with them at a more basic level.  We aren't very good at this in business because our education system has beat it out of us. 

Rational, logical, detailed arguments are what we are trained to lead with.  But they don't work. 

The ones who are good at connecting and engaging with their audience were over in the creative writing classes.  They were learning to tell stories.  

Storytellers Are Great at Connecting

What storytellers understand or at least tap into is 

And great marketing uses the same concepts as stories to engage prospects. 

This does not mean relating anecdotes or cramming stories into what you do. Telling anecdotes is important but a

BrandStory is strategy,

it organizes everything that you do and stand for. 

Big companies use BrandStories, world changing marketing campaigns use BrandStories:

Now you can learn to connect through BrandStories too. 

Engage with story framework Brandstory

We Borrow From Storytelling

So that you can engage your market, and not bore them to death.

Stop Death By Boredom

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The solution

Those of us at Engage have been using story to influence people for decades.  We have used this in corporate communications, marketing, advertising and anywhere where influence and communication are key.  

We help you connect using a story framework that has been honed over centuries to frame your marketing strategy and marketing messages so that your prospect falls in love with what your are selling.  

This is a much more effective way to inspire, engage and convince than boring people to death, or confusing them beyond all hope, which is the normal marketing process.


SANDY_WOLLMAN-64-Edit-Edit_LOWRES[9] copy.png

The clarity you get from this process changes everything, it just makes things easy.  I loved it.

- Sandy Wollman, Partner, Westchester Angels

Working with Engage has brought valuable clarity to our business and our pitch.
— Bill Kinneary, CEO Powervine
Working with Engage was a great experience that has helped us align our messaging, streamline our communications and connect with our prospects.
— Carvie Gillikin, COO Fourth Wall Events
The content is valuable, presentation excellent and the room atmosphere that Engage creates is professional, welcoming and highly interactive.
— Bob Kotch, CEO SIM Associates

The Plan

Step 1: You can get started today by downloading our template and subscribing to our free e-mails. 

Step 2: If you want more join us at a workshop where in a day you can learn to revolutionize your marketing. We teach you how to craft your brand story and structure your marketing so that you can avoid a marketing black hole and instead connect with your prospects to increase your sales. 

Step 3: Build your funnel. You can do it or we can do it or we can help.  Whatever works for you. 

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