Three Immutable Marketing Rules

Good business leaders are often not great rule followers.  

But these rules you have to follow if you want your marketing to connect with your prospects and you want to grow your business. 

The three rules of marketing are central to what we at Engage do and what we all need to keep in mind when creating our marketing. 

 Why?  The challenge is this: we all think we are clear. The website of a client was so clear and precise with so much useful information that I had no idea what they were selling. 

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We tend to emphasize quantity: throw information at people and hope for the best.  But quantity does not create clarity - we don't clarify through addition we clarify through subtraction.  Clarity is about precise communication based on how your prospects listen. 

There are three rules you must follow when deciding what is in and what is out:

  1. They aren’t interested in you. Whether in person or on your website, people are not interested in you. They are interested in what you can do for them. 
  1. They remember the problem you solve for them, not the details of how you do it.  People rarely remember what you do, but if they understand it, they will remember the problem you solve. 
  1. People are evolutionarily wired to avoid work.  The brain uses a lot of calories, so when we tax people’s brains by forcing them to spend time trying to figure out what we do and why it matters – they physically shut down. 

So how do you make it easy for people to understand you?  Hone your message and tell a story. 
Stories speak to the way customers listen and allow them to engage with your message viscerally.  Stories are clear, and they address all three of these critical issues. 

So, look at your marketing - are you following these rules? 


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