About Us


Engage exists to help businesses connect with prospects more easily in order to increase sales.  Our clients are looking for a better way to sell and marketing their product or service. 

Often, they have a great offering but not enough sales.  Or the sales they do make take too much work. 

This can lead to frustration.  And Annoyance. 

It makes the process of sales and marketing a thankless time sucking chore. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Almost everyone makes the same mistakes when selling and marketing.  By:

  • Saying too much.
  • Talking about ourselves.
  • Giving great detail about the great things we have done.

In our careers as strategists, marketers, brand designers and writers we have learned the critical importance of story to communicate, convince and inspire action.  So, we have brought storytelling discipline to branding and marketing strategy to create BrandStories. 

By using BrandStory as the basis of your marketing strategy you can avoid sales and marketing frustration and overwork, and instead engage your prospects to increase sales, maybe even making it home in time for dinner. 


What is an EngageStory


An EngageStory is a an expression of your brand, a brand story, that puts your customer first.  It engages your customers and draws them to you.  They want to hear more.  

To build an EngageStory we use elements from storytelling – the most engaging communication technique humans have ever devised – to craft your brand. 

This enables you to create a clear, concise and engaging description of the problem you solve and for whom that excites your prospects. 

The EngageStory becomes the core of your marketing and everything else flows from there: your marketing strategy, your campaigns, your marketing funnel – it all connects to and draws from your EngageStory in a way that creates a cohesive whole that your prospects want.


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