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We help our clients grow - clear communications for sales and marketing that drives awareness.

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We are a team of creative strategists dedicated to making marketing work.

Rather than a marketing agency we are marketing strategists. We take a research based approach to sales and marketing. We have studied what works through our own careers and through studying hundreds of strategies and thousands of companies.

We have developed the EngageStory approach based on the fundamentals of influence and the fundamentals of marketing. And we use proven techniques to teach the method or implement it - ensuring that you get measurable results.

The founders of Engage are Marty Katz and Jeff Loehr.

Marty has years of experience with some of the largest branding and advertising agencies in the world.

Jeff has worked around the world in sales and marketing of everything from chemicals to mines to software.

In our careers as strategists, marketers, brand designers and writers we have learned the critical importance of storytelling to communicate, convince and inspire action. We have combined this storytelling discipline with our marketing and branding knowledge to create the EngageStory workshop.

We created Engage to help business owners like yourself to develop better ways to sell their services. We help you create a sustainable pipeline, close more sales and grow your business.

The best place to start is with our EngageStory workshop. Or if you’d like book a call below, or simply e-mail us at info@engagenow.biz.

We look forward to meeting you!


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